Coming soon to Bristol!

We are very excited to announce that we will be moving this summer to Britain’s first cycling city, Bristol.

To smooth the transition, and to get a feel for the streets and pianos the city has to offer, we are now accepting bookings in the area on certain dates, listed below.

You can book an appointment using our online system. Please give us as much information as possible and select all the services you require to find an appropriate time slot.

Tuning costs from £60 for a piano that’s close to the correct pitch and has been tuned in the last year or so. Pianos that haven’t been tuned for a while are likely to need tuning twice in a session to restore the correct pitch – a pitch raise and fine tune which costs £90. Further work including repairs, regulation adjustments, voicing and general servicing is charged at £50/hr.

Please note that the prices on the rest of my website and on my booking system continue to reflect my prices in London and do not apply in Bristol.

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Upcoming availability

18th – 22nd March 2019


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