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Your friendly piano tuner in Bristol

After ten years of cycling around London caring for pianos, I now bring my expertise to Bristol. For piano tuning and repair services, I’m happy to visit homes, schools, recording studios and hotels in any part of Bristol and the surrounding area, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

I will never refuse to attempt work on a piano, regardless of its age. Almost all pianos can be improved with some care and attention. My priority is helping you (or your son or daughter!) get the best you can out of your piano, regardless of your playing level.

For my clients in London, I’m sorry to leave you behind! However, I will be returning periodically to tune for long-standing clients. If your piano is due a tuning, I’ll be sending out emails inviting you to book as I finalise my dates for each month.

Piano repairs

In addition to piano tuning, I also offer a comprehensive piano repairs service. I can fix any misbehaving keys, even-up the feel of the keyboard, improve the responsiveness of the keys through regulation, repair hammers and replace broken strings.

Some pianos suffer from loose tuning pins. This is something I can now repair quite easily. Contact me if you’ve been told your piano cannot be tuned, or if it will not hold a tune.

I also offer transformative services such as full regulation and voicing to unlock the full potential of your instrument and your piano playing. You shouldn’t have to fight to express yourself musically! Most pianos can be hugely improved by this kind of work.

To learn more about what I can do for your piano, visit my services page by clicking here.

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