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Covid-19 Update 12/05/2020

We’re now past the worst of this outbreak, and although we have a long way to go before any semblance of normality is resumed, I’m now happy to accept bookings for piano tuning in Bristol, with a few important conditions.

Anyone with a new, continuous cough, or a fever, you should be self-isolating and so not accepting visitors into your home, including the piano tuner. Do not book an appointment, and if you have one already booked when you develop symptoms, please let me know so we can postpone.

For those staying at home because of direct instruction from the NHS to be shielding, I’m afraid I won’t be able to tune your piano just yet, please don’t book an appointment. Let me know if you want me to contact you when the shielding period is over.

For those not in a clinically vulnerable category, I ask to be given the opportunity to wash my hands upon arrival and after the appointment. Please vacate the room the piano is in while I am there, and keep personal contact with me to a minimum. I will not accept cash or cheques, only online payments via an emailed invoice after the appointment.

Those in a clinically vulnerable category, that is anyone over 70 or with certain underlying health conditions, I would recommend that you do not book a piano tuning at this time. If you must book, then please inform me that you are in the high-risk category, so that we can be prepared to follow distancing guidelines strictly. This is not a time for social niceties – I will keep a distance when I arrive so you can open the door and tell me where to find the piano (please don’t remove the stool or chair, I mostly sit to tune) and where I can wash my hands, then leave the way clear so I can maintain a safe distance while I go about my business. I will not touch any hard surfaces unless I have to, and will wipe down the piano and anything else I have touched when I finish. Please do not come into the room with the piano while I am there – any conversation we need to have can be done at a safe distance. And don’t worry, I have everything I need with me, I don’t require refreshment!

If you have had a cold recently and still have symptoms, especially a cough, please let me know so as to not cause alarm. I reserve the right to cancel an appointment at short notice if these guidelines do not seem to have been followed.


Your friendly piano tuner in Bristol

With over ten years’ experience tuning and servicing pianos, you can rely on me to provide a professional service focused on your needs as a pianist, parent or piano custodian. Whether your piano is brand new or just new-to-you, a well-loved family heirloom or a neglected old instrument that needs rescuing, it brings music to your life so it deserves the care I can provide.

For piano tuning and repair services, I’m happy to visit homes, schools, recording studios, hotels and churches in any part of Bristol including Kingswood, Keynsham, Stoke Gifford, Yate and into South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. I endeavor to cycle to all my appointments within Bristol city however I do drive so if you’re outside the city I may arrive on four wheels rather than two!

Piano repairs

In addition to piano tuning, I also offer a comprehensive piano repairs service. I can fix any misbehaving keys, even-up the feel of the keyboard, improve the responsiveness of the keys through regulation, repair hammers and replace broken strings.

Some pianos suffer from loose tuning pins. This is something I can now repair quite easily. Contact me if you’ve been told your piano cannot be tuned, or if it will not hold a tune.

I also offer transformative services such as full regulation and voicing to unlock the full potential of your instrument and your piano playing. You shouldn’t have to fight to express yourself musically! Most pianos can be hugely improved by this kind of work.

To learn more about what I can do for your piano, visit my services page by clicking here.

To book, please use my online booking system , or send me an email using the form below.


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