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Piano Tuning

For upright and grand pianos, old or new. A precise, fresh tuning is a joy to provide.

  • Fine tuning
  • Pitch raise

A pitch raise is usually required if the piano hasn’t been tuned for a while as tension is gradually lost. Let me know how long it has been when you book your tuning.

Piano Repairs

I can diagnose and fix these annoying problems getting in the way of your practice.

  • Keys sticking or not playing
  • Pedals not working, squeaks & creaks
  • Broken strings
  • Loose tuning pins
  • Keytops coming off

If you need any repairs, you can select what is required when you book an appointment.


I offer a range of servicing packages that will help you get the most out of your piano. These will make it easier to play, more even under your fingers, giving you a greater range of expression and control.

  • Level 1 – to fix small issues with the keyboard, action or tone. Some basic regulation or voicing. Good for regular maintenance, basic pianos, old pianos where more refinement isn’t possible.
  • Level 2 – to fix larger issues with the keyboard, action or tone. More detailed regulation or voicing. Good for more proficient players, newer pianos that sound too bright, older pianos that feel difficult to play.
  • Level 3 – A transformative day’s work, getting deep into the regulation or the voicing to produce a nimble and responsive keyboard with broad expressive capabilities. Good for advanced players, an alternative to replacing a worn but good quality piano, showcasing your piano’s full capabilities.

You can book the servicing level you require the same way as you book your piano tuning.

I also undertake bigger renovation projects. Contact me to explore how we might restore your piano to its former glory.

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