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Aside from regular piano tuning, there are many other tuning services I provide that can help you get the most out of your piano. I cover the whole of Bristol including Kingswood, Keynsham, Stoke Gifford, Yate, and into South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset.

Piano pitch raise

If your piano hasn’t been tuned for a couple of years or more, or is new to you and you don’t know its history, I will perform a pitch raise. This will help to restore lost tension and equalise it across the piano, enabling me to then perform a fine tuning that will be more stable.

Loose tuning pins

Some older pianos suffer from loose tuning pins, so tunings are difficult and do not last. This is something I can now repair quite easily. Contact me if you’ve been told your piano cannot be tuned, or if it will not hold a tune. Older Bechstein uprights often suffer from this problem!

Small piano repairs

Over time, some of your piano keys may get stuck, won’t make a sound or become unpredictable. In this case, there may be broken strings or hammers, or a pedal not working properly. I can diagnose and undertake small repairs and fix minor regulation issues with your piano, alongside my tuning service. You can contact me directly about your minor repairs, or book online today.

General Service

The mechanical performance of pianos also declines over time. A longer servicing appointment will enable me to make the necessary adjustments to improve the response of the keys and the evenness of sound, and keep your piano performing as well as it can.

Broken string repair

If your piano has a broken string, I can repair it. You simply need let me know what part of the piano it comes from and whether the string is still in the piano, if you are able to find out.

Full regulation

You might find that the keyboard within your piano feels uneven, or you may struggle to play evenly because some keys seem lighter or heavier than others. I can make a number of adjustments within the action of the piano that will improve the responsiveness, as well as even out the touch to make it more predictable. Your piano should also be able to be played very quietly, very loudly and everywhere in between, with little effort. If you would like to improve your piano’s touch and response, contact me about a full regulation.

Piano voicing

Another aspect of your piano’s character that you might not realise can be improved is its sound. Many pianos are very bright and loud, sometimes with an unpleasant harshness or brittle quality. This can be true with new pianos, or it might develop over time. These problems are addressed by voicing, and are mainly related to the felt hammers and how they strike the strings. Felt compresses and degrades over time, and this wear can hugely effect the sound. If you would like to expand the expressive range and tonal contrast of your piano, or you don’t like its sound in some way, ask me about voicing.

Nearly all pianos, old, modern, upright or grand, of any size and shape, can be improved, and possibly transformed, by being well tuned, well voiced and well regulated. If you’d like to receive some options and estimates for your piano, please contact me today. Whether you’ve got a small scale repair requirement such a broken piano string, or would like a full piano regulation, I’d be happy to help

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