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If your piano was last tuned within a year or so, and no other work is required. This will take up to an hour and a half, and will cost £70. If I find anything else that needs doing upon seeing the piano, we can discuss it at the time.

Major Tuning, Minor Repairs and Regulation

If your piano has not been tuned within the last year, or it needs more than just tuning. Price is usually between £100-180, depending on the answers to your questions and the severity of the problems The booking will take from an hour and a half to three hours. These details will be finalised upon seeing the piano, and anything that will take longer will need to be discussed and possibly booked for a later date.

Full regulation, voicing and major repairs

For larger, transformative jobs. These address issues with the feel of the keyboard or the tone of the instrument, or other, major problems with the piano. Please email me to discuss your needs.

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