I’m pleased to have helped hundreds of customers throughout my years as the Cycling Piano Tuner. You can read some of the kind comments and reviews I’ve received on this page.

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N Harding @ 07/17/2017 05:37

The cycling piano tuner was great, perfectly polite and left the family piano sounding bright and wonderful after over 25 years without a service. A few persistent high and low notes that were really off key are sorted and my playing sounds better already.

- N Harding
New Malden

John Whitamore @ 07/11/2017 01:12

Phil is a very pleasant man and did a wonderful job tuning my piano as well as pointing out a few faults that could also do with some work in the future. Highly recommended!

- John Whitamore
London N1

Lewis @ 03/13/2017 03:44

Thank you so much Phil for a really excellent job, very grateful indeed. I am like a child on Christmas morning. What a difference. pitch raised, tuning done. It’s like a classic Aston Martin found in a garage suddenly brought back to life by an expert. See you again in six months.

- Lewis

Nigel @ 06/15/2016 07:57

Phil is an extremely thorough and an absolutely consummate professional. His technical abilities coupled with his clear musical abilities means my gamble of buying a second-hand Bentley upright has paid off: all stuck keys are now working perfectly and the pitch and tune is phenomenally bright. Highly recommended.

- Nigel
Bow, Tower Hamlets

Tom Woodhouse @ 11/03/2015 09:31

Not much to say besides excellent job; very happy with the results and would highly recommend to anyone.

- Tom Woodhouse

Sean Griffin @ 30 April 2015

Phil has just revoiced my Yamaha upright (which after 20 years of hammering by a couple of students had become very shrill). It now sounds like a new instrument with a nice mellow tone and great dynamics. I’m really delighted with the result. It took a whole day of Phil’s time but the cost was in my view money very well spent.

- Sean Griffin
Elephant & Castle

Lizzie Bruce @ 24 March 2015

Phil brought my 1930s-era compact piano back into tune today, and I’m really pleased with the transformation. The piano was bought on eBay so it was a bit of a risk. But the sound of piano music is one of the loveliest things for me, and being able to produce some nice piano sounds myself is really quite a marvel!! Thanks for the thorough and efficient tuning.

- Lizzie Bruce

barbara toscani @ 15 October 2014

I very much appreciate Phil’s pollution free policy! as a pianist and keen urban cyclist, Phil’s services are just what I want. Excellent piano tuning and fees are lower than standard as well! Super positive experience.

- Barbara Toscani

Aaron Nelson @ 10/14/2015 08:58

I bought a second (or possibly third) hand upright on ebay. I was told that it had been regularly tuned until about ten years ago, but not since. It was between a semitone and a tone flat across most keys, and some were particularly out of tune. Phil brought it back to concert pitch in an afternoon and also gave some useful pointers on likely future care and tuning. He seemed a very nice chap too and I would thoroughly recommend him.

- Aaron Nelson

David Parfitt @ 10/14/2015 08:55

Phil is an excellent piano tuner. The quality about him that stands out for me is that he listens and plays the piano before anything else. He’s a musician who rescues, renovates and tunes pianos. I think that’s why he’s so good at it.

I bought a nearly new grand piano, a Samick SIG 52, in 2008 and soon bitterly regretted it. I grew to hate its over bright, harsh, uneven tone and unpredictable twangs and jangles.

Finding Phil’s website (by chance) I emailed Phil to arrange an assessment of the piano. His opinion, after looking and listening and playing, was that the piano had never been properly finished after leaving the South Korean factory. To carry out a proper finish would take two days’ work. Phil made it clear that he had never undertaken such work before on a new piano – all his experience was of older pianos.

By the end of the second day the piano was transformed. Its sound is now clean and beautiful, and the instrument is capable of lovely seamless transitions of scales from one octave to another. The action is now very responsive to touch and the piano a real pleasure to play.

- David Parfitt

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